"Anouki Bicholla" - One of the most popular Georgian clothing brand created in 2009! 

With the head designers Anouki Areshidze & Bicholla Tetradze, this brand quickly established its name among Georgian and foreign fashionstas. Bicholla's crazy ideas and more feminine, elegant touch from Anouki - that's what you see in their clothes.

Designers: Anouki Areshidze & Bicholla Tetradze

Before joining their forces, these young, talented people have been doing great on their own way. Bicholla was already successful, "hit" designer with his super-popular clothes and accessories and Anouki was a successful model. They both had a fantastic chance to study in worlds' leading fashion colleges -  Anouki graduated Fashion Styling and Design in Istituto Marangoni (Milan) and Bicholla has taken courses in Central Saint Martins - University of the Arts London. 

Anouki (who is the wife of a very successful Georgian footballer internationally & now Minister of Energetics of Georgia Kakha Kaladze) got back from Milan, full of interesting ideas and projects. She decided it was time to move from runway and start career of designer. First collaboration between Anouki and Bicholla was a fashion show and project named "Bicholla by Anouki", they created a memorable fashion show, presented controversial t-shirts (images of Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin with their own details), boots with heels no less than 15.5 cm! This was definitely a something very exciting for Georgian fashion scene - which was just in the starting process of development. This project was a successful collaboration, so these two decided not to stop in this and continue working together, they created their own brand "Anouki Bicholla". 

Besides being designer, "female side" of the brand, Anouki is well-know worldwide street-style star and fashionista - her closet includes almost all the iconic pieces created by world's leading designers and she always looks fabulous, she has been featured in various editions of Vogue because of her fantastic outfit choices. I will tell you separately on Anouki bit later. 

Bicholla became incredibly famous in Georgia after showing his first collections and his accessories, which included pillows and spoons!

The brand "Anouki Bicholla" is popular not only in Georgia but abroad and mostly in former USSR Countries. Their main focus is currently on Ukraine. This designer duo & what's more important - their clothers are very popular in Kiev. They are regularly featured in Ukrainian Fashion Week and getting quite a great press coverage, fashion critics always mention that their creativity is what differs them from others. Their collections include everything - from elegant dresses to fabulous t-shirts and Georgian national clothing details! Take a look at some of their past collections.

They already created upcoming hit for summer, colorful caps, you can see below!

Besides regular, seasonal collections, they're working on private orders and as Anouki mentioned, she is very busy on managing all these, I have to mention she is a mother of two boys and just 23 years old - really impressive to say the least! Their clothes are very in-demand among regular buyers and fashionistas living in Tbilisi. They're actively involved in management of the brand, so everything is on their hands. Currently, Bicholla lives in Kiev and manages everything about popularization of "Anouki Bicholla" brand abroad, while Anouki lives in Georgian capital city Tbilisi but often visits Kiev, because of the distance they're mostly sharing their views about design through internet. 

It was not surprising when they announced that they would be opening their first concept store in Kiev! After several months of hard work, the day has come. Yesterday, all the Ukrainian and some Georgian fashionistas, celebrities and journalists attended the opening of "Anouki Bicholla"'s first store. As designers mentioned, they worked on every single detail. Bicholla said in interview that "Since we are still very young, we did not wanna express ourselves as over-ambitious selling only own clothing, so we decided to put clothes created by very talented and promising designers from Georgia, Ukraine, Russia, Italy & United Kingdom on the shelves of our concept store". Check out the images of the store below. All the details look great in the store. If you are currently in Kiev or plan to go there, don't miss the chance to visit "Anouki Bicholla" store.


Anouki Areshidze, Nini Zarkua, Georgian Designe Avtandil and Bicholla Tetradze

Ever so fabulous Nini Zarkua

Anouki Areshidze & Nini Zarkua

Designer Bessarion

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